Sporty Girls Still Want Cute Shoes

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Fashion permeates one’s life. This is my sage advice and I know what I am talking about. I have made it my business. Don’t overlook opportunities to shine. This goes for men and women, boys and girls. Yes, kids can partake. They start to get very particular at the young age of two or three, telling mom what they want to wear. They can get testy so beware. It may be a superman costume or a cowboy outfit and so be it. This is how they start their fashion sense. Parents go for it!

As kids grow up, they get more demanding, especially about their feet. They want to wear the same brand of sneakers as everyone else and they are oblivious to cost. They don’t want to stand out in the elementary school crowd by wearing the wrong stuff. I suppose humans are born with the fashion gene. Help them out and be a good role model (I had to throw that in)!

Teens can make their own choices. Now is the time when the girls want to look their best. For the boys, not much matters beyond jeans and a tee. Shoes can’t be too new or clean. I have talked to many young ladies who tell me that above all, they hate dirty ugly shoes. They are just the opposite. Unless they have an orthotic problem, they don’t have to. Athletic shoes come in all sorts of colors and styles. They suit today’s fashions. When it comes time to play sports, style counts even when wearing soccer shoes. Look in any school gym and you will see a fine array of footwear.

I remember I had my favorite indoor shoes for running, indoor soccer, cross training, and even golf. I had a couple of pairs to fit the activity, both of which I got from here – I wouldn’t be caught dead in the wrong ones. I was a sporty girl who wanted cute shoes. I even painted some of them to match my outfits using my favorite colors and emblems. I had the most amazing pair of Adidas lime green indoor soccer shoes. I changed out the laces to purple. The effect was dazzling—at least to me.

When selecting a soccer shoe, in particular, there are issues beyond style of course so I will end this blog with a few basic tips so your time reading it will have been valuable. You want a pair that will deliver game-changing plays because they dominate passes, crosses, and shots. This might seem to apply to only a pro, but even a novice wants to play well. Make sure what you select fits snugly on your feet so have maximum ball control. You want to consider traction whether you are on artificial turf or the real thing. There are shoes for each location. It is all about high-speed control and stability. They still make those crazy electric hues in hot colors.