Playing Favorites

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What is your favorite item of clothing? Is it something super comfortable that you’ve had forever, or is it something trendy and new that makes you feel like a million bucks? When you put it on, does it feel like body armor that gives you the strength to tackle anything? I super love clothes so you would think that it might be hard for me to pick something, but you’d be wrong.

Although I would not call myself a shoe girl per se, the most loved item in my closet is a pair of strappy leather sandals with a nice stacked heel. They are comfortable and stylish, adding an extra little something to any outfit I wear. The heels aren’t incredibly high, so I can wear them with jeans to a picnic or somewhere that I’ll be doing a lot of walking or standing. Yet they are still cute enough to wear on a date night and look great with a dress. Whenever I wear them, I walk taller—not just because of the heel, mind you—and I also feel more confident. My legs look longer, too. The leather is soft and molded perfectly to my feet, and they’ve never given me even one blister. I know, right? Cute and fashionable and comfortable? While I can’t wear them in every type of weather (snow and rain come to mind) I do wear them out year-round. Because, ladies, let’s be honest here: a strappy sandal is always a good choice.

Running a close second is a burgundy wool overcoat with velvet trim that I bought a few years ago. If I was able to wear it year round, it probably would be my absolute favorite thing I own. It was a splurge item at an upscale department store. I had just gotten my first real job and wanted to buy a few quality pieces to really get my wardrobe started. The saleswoman pointed out the coat and told me that it was practically made for me. I didn’t quite believe her until I tried it on. I loved the color—not flashy or garish but definitely called for attention. It certainly would never get lost in the sea of black coats at a party or coat check. I am on the petite side and full-length coats often look bulky or too long, but this hit just below the knee. Although it was pricey, I looked at the liner and the stitching, and it was well made. I’ve owned it about five years, get compliments on it all the time, and it still looks fantastic. I put it on with a pair of sunglasses when it’s cold and I look like a celebrity trying to hide from paparazzi. It looks that good!

What about you? What do you have in your closet that makes you feel fantastic?