Mail Order Stylists

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Have you tried this yet? You answer a few questions about the things that you like to wear,  your lifestyle, and the types of clothes you are looking for. Then a stylist hand picks clothes for you that are supposed to be a perfect fit for your wardrobe and your lifestyle. It hardly seems like it would work, right?Seems an awful lot toask somebody who has never actually seen you. What are the odds that they can pick outclothes that are supposed to look good and fit you? There are wore a few companies who offer this type of service now. Stitchfix, Dia&Co., Wantable, GwynnieBee, Trunk Club, and the list goes on and on. Some also have men’s clothing, and there’s even a few that exclusively outfit guys (Trunk Club started as exclusively men’s, now there’s also sites like the Five Four Club andBombfell). More seem to be appearing all the time, which clearly means that they have a following.

It is in these companies’ best interests to have you buy the clothes, so their questionnaires can be extensive. They really want to get to know you so that you like the stuff they pick out. Some even call you on the phone, or will do a video chat to really get to know you. Others have you use sites like Pinterest to help them learn the styles and colors that you gravitate towards in order to help them create looks for you.

Some companies force you to keep everything in the box, but some are much more flexible and let you pay only for what you want to keep. Many charge a styling fee so they aren’t completely wasting their time even if you hate everything—but it’s typically around $20, which probably doesn’t cover much more than the shipping. A few are monthly services; others can be ordered as often or as infrequent as you like.

Personally, I think it is a cool concept. Sometimes I feel like buying clothes is impossible. I’m saying that and I love to buy clothes. There’s just so much out there and sometimes you hate everything and other times the store has nothing cute in your size. Sometimes you see something on a mannequin and you get it stuck in your head and it turns out to look terrible on you—but nothing else looks nearly as appealing.

These kinds of services take the stress and sensory overload out of going clothes shopping. If you get a quality stylist (and you might; it can be hit or miss, especially at the beginning), they will send you items that are out of your comfort zone a little.They wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t send you something that surprised you. The hope is to uncover something that you would never have tried on but looks amazing on you and makes you feel awesome.If you don’t like clothes shopping, give it a try. Take the questionnaire seriously. Be as detailed as you can with the stylist beforehand, and rate all the clothes honestly when you receive them. And if you love clothes, you should definitely try it. You’ll be sure to get you’ll want to wear.