Leather, Leather, Everywhere

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Let me be your fashion guide today. I love to give out tips and tricks to help people overcome fashion amnesia. They are often unconscious about it. You can tell. People look disheveled, untidy, way too casual for the occasion, and indifferent to their appearance. You all need help, my friends! I know the trends and can guide you to your own individual style while keeping up to date and “in.” Fashion doesn’t have to be difficult. There are some basic rules. First and foremost, don’t pay too much unless it is something major that will last a lifetime. You can visit thrift stores, but be super careful of wear and tear and stains. These often come with used items.

Next, be on trend but not a slave to fashion. Everything doesn’t have to match perfectly. Plus, you don’t have to overload the accessories that call too much attention to themselves. This includes shoes and bags, jewelry and scarves for women. Men don’t have much to work with—sorry. For them, it is vital to have the proper footwear. It should be comfortable, clean, and not too worn. Ladies hate men with ugly shoes.

Buy leather goods as they add style and class to your image. The likely items will be jackets (bomber to classic), wallets, cell phone cases, glasses cases, zippered pouches, and of course backpacks. When it comes to skins, it is all about quality so don’t skimp. If you take care of your leathers, they will look new. You can clean them yourself with special pastes or solutions, or even dry clean them believe it or not.

A leather business backpack is the epitome of luxury, something to which many aspire. Personally you can’t beat a solid black or brown bag for everyday use. If it is expensive, you won’t want to take it camping or out in the rain and snow. You can use if for travel, however, as it will be safe and secure in an overhead compartment. It is chic, trendy, classy, and fun. You don’t have to look like a motorcycle moll or rider. To the contrary, such a fine bag is a sign of success and professionalism. It may be a splurge but will be well worth it in so many ways. Good leather backpacks like the ones at Business Bag Review are built to last, sturdy and durable. They can be maintained to ensure a new appearance. They are usually well-designed with multiple compartments and separate pockets inside and out.

My leather backpack goes from work to play in an instant. I just take out my work materials and replace them with my evening necessities. I don’t need much more, not even a handbag. When I keep money hidden in a secret pocket, the backpack stays at my side. Keep your eye on it in any case. If it is nice, someone will want to walk off with it, and not just for the contents.