Keeping a Room Cool (While Maintaining Style)

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Over the years, as a self-styled fashion maven and guru to my friends and family, I have noticed something rather odd. The most stylish people can have the most horrid home décor. It is true. You would expect that the two concepts to go hand in hand. You face the world in all your best (and the latest trends) and yet go home to a boring and bland place. How ironic! I was visiting a client the other day to help her organize her closet and sort through old things that had seen better days. I showed her ways of using them in a new way by changing from a skirt to pants or adding a scarf or jewelry.  I love the saying, “everything old is new again.” If you have selected well in the past, there is no need to toss items just because they are a few years old. Of course, if they are splitting at the seams, it is a different story.

I was so engrossed in helping my friend and watching her try on outfits. It was a wonderful game of mix and match. We were so buy having fun that it took a long time for me to look up and finally notice her ceiling fan. Not only was it beyond ordinary but it was mounted on a pole that stood out like a sore thumb. Didn’t they know about flush mounting when it was installed? In any case, it was older than the hills and so incongruous in a bedroom full of fashion. It wasn’t like her at all. There was a real disconnect here and I asked her why it was never replaced. It would have been better to choose a sleek wall mounted unit.

“I just can’t be bothered,” she replied with a sigh. She knows I am adamant about home style and that the fan was atrocious. “I could help you find a more attractive model,” I offered. “Mmm,” she mused. “Maybe later. I am so busy now. Who cares anyway?” I was aghast. If you care about style and fashion, then you apply it to your entire life. “It is just to keep cool,” she added. I was nonplussed. “No matter. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore. There are many ways to mount the new fans, so they are inconspicuous.” I went on and on to no avail, even pulling out my smartphone to show her a page all about this on Ceiling Fan Choice. She was clearly not interested. It was time to go anyway.

I started to look upward when I went into other people’s homes and noticed the same issue over and over again. I threw up my hands in despair. You can buy the nicest sofa and chair set and place the perfect coffee table, only to fail at your attempt to have style with an ugly ceiling fan. I feel the same way about tiled or cottage cheese surfaces up there. These are all big no no’s if you want to have a fashionable home life. I hope you all get the picture!