How to Pull Off a Statement Piece

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OK, first things first: what exactly is a statement piece? Simply put, it’s the first thing you notice, either when you see someone or when you walk into a room. It can be as small as a pair of glasses, or as big as a sofa. It doesn’t have to be oversized or flashy, just visually interesting and unique. People usually gravitate toward a statement piece that says something about them—what they like, their favorite color, something about their personality—hence the term “statement piece.”

I think everyone should have a statement piece. A go-to that you put on to make you feel good, or something in your home that you love. However, not everyone wears or displays a statement piece correctly, or even well. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be pulling off a statement piece like a pro:

First things first—the statement piece is the star of the show. Don’t make it into a competition for attention. If we’re talking something in your home, like a painting for instance, it will become the focal point of the room. Treat it as such. Keep the area around it simple and neutral. There’s a reason why the rooms in an art gallery are boring except for the art—a statement piece is going to draw the eye, so don’t make the area around it too busy; there won’t be any place for the viewer’s eye to rest and you’ll ruin the effect. The same thing goes for your outfit. A killer trench coat in a bright color is going to look great, but it’ll get lost if you’re wearing a funky hat, a tie-dye dress, and multicolored shoes. Keep the rest of what you’re wearing neutral and let the statement piece speak for itself. I’m not saying you have to wear boring beige everywhere else: black, navy blue, and white can also be excellent neutrals. If your statement piece is something that you wear near your face, whether it’s earrings, a necklace, glasses, or something else—be sure to pair it with the right neckline. In other words, if you’ve got a fabulous pair of earrings and wear a plunging-down-to-your-navel neckline, nobody’s going to notice what’s on your ears. The same goes for a necklace when you’re wearing a printed turtleneck.

Second—have confidence. You can totally do this! It may be a crazy impractical necklace to wear on a daily basis. That’s fine. But wear it on a special occasion with your little black dress and act as if you own the room. Because you will! Confidence with a statement piece is a must. It draws the eye so you’re going to be looked at. Embrace that and show it off! In your home, a statement piece is going to be something people are going to gravitate towards, so be sure it’s something you love and don’t mind being asked about. If your grandma’s old Laura Ashley curtains are the loudest thing in the living room and you hate them, it’s all you will ever see every time you’re in therebinge watching Netflix.

Third—let the piece inspire you. You can design a whole room around a good statement piece of furniture, and a piece of clothing or jewelry can be the center of an entire outfit. Choose something that speaks to you and let it dictate the direction you go in.

And lastly, have fun with it. A statement piece could end up being your trademark, the thing you are most noticed and remembered for. Love and embrace it. Now go out there and rock that statement piece!!