Home Security Accessories: Cute Motion Detecting Lights

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I live for fashion in all aspects of my life. I hope to share this love with readers. Style applies to everything, not just home décor and fashion. When you are dealing with everyday products and utilitarian objects, it means good design. Take a look at kitchen implements these days. They are the epitome of form and function. A hand mixer is a work of art. I was surprised recently when I cared about the appearance of the motion detecting lights I was about to install on the back porch. I wanted them to be cute to match my home’s exterior. Don’t think I am crazy. I have to look at have to look at them every time I exit to the backyard to check on the dog. I don’t want big ugly metal blobs hanging from the rafters.

The dog is the reason for getting some outdoor motion sensor lights in the first place. When I let him out every night, I open the door fearing coming face to face with a would-be intruder. Maybe I am paranoid but the world has become a scary place, even the one around your own home. I am obsessed with personal security right now given the statistics in the press. The news blasts each and every case of home invasion. I listened and bought a system. I will not be the first victim in the neighborhood. I attended a police course and picked up a lot of helpful ideas. In addition to the security items, I learned a bit about de-escalation and how to handle an assailant.

Now I don’t worry when I let the dog in or out. I usually have to look for him for a minute or two which means standing alone on the porch. I am also interested in participating or even starting a neighborhood watch. This was another tip I got at the self defense class. There are many ways to ensure protection of oneself and loved ones. Sometimes you only get one chance. The life you save may be your own. Security is a serious subject for a blog but an important one. Everyone feels vulnerable while walking down the street even in broad daylight. We have heard the same horror stories. People now carry stun guns and pepper spray. It is selling like hot cakes online. You don’t have to resort to a formidable knife or gun. I am not sure I could use either even when in dire straits. The police also offer a course in weapon usage but I have yet to partake.

Motion sensors are great inside or outdoors. They are easy to install and work like a charm. Even the dog sets them off from time to time. I don’t want to deactivate them, however, just in case. You can’t be too careful, as they say. Meanwhile, I have a big job to finish. See you next time.