Custom Jewelry

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Making your own custom jewelry can be a fun hobby, but it can also be a lucrative enterprise. You can sell it online or at fairs and expos which will help build a client list. Promotion is easy once you have the email data. Great photography with dramatic lighting helps sell your wares on your website or in email blasts. Jewelry design is a wonderful offshoot of the fashion industry and an indispensable part of it. Everyone likes accessories and adornment. Women can’t get enough jewelry. It seems to be common knowledge. Men, you had better listen up.

Any materials can be formed into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, and rings. Artisans like to use precious metals like platinum, silver, and gold; gemstones and steel or other non-precious alloy like pewter. If you want to appeal to the youth market, simple bead and chain work will attract this market. Any craft or hobby store stocks ample choice of materials. Many a college student has worked their way through their four years selling jewelry in the dorm. It is nothing fancy, but it is what coeds like.

If you are not the maker but want very fine jewelry, you can go to a jewelry specializing in custom orders. Often they have settings that can be adapted to different stones. You are not limited to rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. You can opt for less expensive opals, quartz, and moonstone. Price is your only limitation. Plus, you may be able to actively participate in the design. The result is unique and all your own. You can openly boast that you “created it.”

If you want something super modern, you can use the popular metal wire technique. It creates open and airy designs of twisted or wrapped metal that accommodate stones well. You may have to do a bit of welding to make your jewelry sturdy and secure. You can also size rings with it. Jewelers use small devices perfect for their needs—nothing too heavy or large. You can hire a welder or take a course and learn to execute this task on your own from here. Once you are trained, you are the one in control. The equipment includes a micro-mini gas torch welder for soldering. It requires a good eye, a magnifier, and a steady hand. Be sure to have good light. The kit you buy comes with a variety of tips for different kinds of projects.

Any kind of artistic creation is great fun. Designing and sewing fashions is only the beginning. You can make belts, detachable collars, covered buttons, handbags, jeweled or embroidered garments, and so much more. Jewelry takes the fashion hobby or business into another realm. Most people specialize in one or the other as it is absorbing and demanding to just do one. They get the bug to go in a specific direction. Try your hand at both and you will soon find out where your heart lies.